Measures to prevent accidents


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Violation of the rules written in bold has actually led to injuries

1.General requirements:

1.1. Personal equipment used for climbing in the gym is to be certified by UIAA.

1.2. All climbers (except those who bought a Trial Card) must wear climbing shoes.

1.3. Climbing without belay is strictly prohibited. Climbers can use gymnastic belay (ask the coach to explain what is “gymnastic belay”), top rope or lead belay.

1.4. Climbing with the gymnastic belay is allowed no higher then 3 meters or the second panel measuring by hands.

1.5. While climbing warm up traverse without belay climbers take full responsibility for their actions. Pads on the floor do not fully secure you from injures.

1.6. The only device allowed for both top-rope and lead belay is a Gri-Gri.

1.7. A belayer takes full responsibility for her actions and safety of the climber. Should the instructor on duty doubt belayer’s qualification, she is entitled to oblige her to take a belay lesson or to stop belaying.

1.8. It is forbidden to stand under a climber.

1.9. It is forbidden to take hold of metal loops.

1.10. It is strictly prohibited to climb drunk. Should such an event occur, the infringer will be sent away from the gym, her club card will be cancelled.




2. Top-rope climbing requirements::

2.1. Climbers are to make sure that the belay rope is fastened by no less then two carabiners.

2.2. The harness is to be correctly worn and fastened.

2.3. The harness is to be attached to the rope by either a figure-8 knot or a single locked carabiner. It is not acceptable to have two carabiners clipped into each other.

Correctly clipped carabiner should pass through the two belay loops of the harness and the figure-8 loop on the belay rope.

Be careful not to clip the carabiner in to the security loop above the figure-8 knot.

2.4. While climbing it is recommended not to deviate much from the route’s central axis to avoid swing in case of fall.

2.5. It is forbidden to rappel the climber too fast.

2.6. The belayer is to make sure that the climber is not rappelled onto those standing on the ground.

2.7. Climbers with a trial card are obliged to let the coach make sure that the harness is correctly attached to the rope and the carabiner is locked before every start.

2.8. Climbers with a trial card are not allowed to belay without coach’s supervision. Climbers with a trial card willing to belay a partner have to warn the coach on duty and wait until she is ready to supervise.

2.9. Climbers with a trial card are not allowed to climb without coach’s supervision. Climbers with a trial card willing to climb with a partner have to warn the coach on duty and wait until she is ready to supervise.



3. Lead belay climbing requirements:

3.1. The only two knots allowed fo use are “figure-8 knot” and “double bowline knot”.

3.2. Clipping the first sling located no higher then 3 – 3,5 meters is obligatory.

3.3. The distance between slings used is not to exceed 2 meters.

3.4. Before a climber has clipped the first sling the belayer is to provide her with gymnastic belay.

3.5. The climber is to make sure that her personal equipment does not fall down.



4. The infringer bears all the responsibility for any results caused by violation of the present requirements.

5. Only those who have read the present requirements, understood them and confirmed that by the signature are allowed to do sport activities in the gym. 

6. Administration of the gym reserves the right to send away any infringer of the present rules. 



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